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With musical influences that include everything from rock to R&B, country to punk, singer-songwriter Brin Banta combines distinctive lyrics and vocals with a percussive playing style to create an acoustic sound that is all his own.

Prior to moving to Nashville in August '18, Brin lived in Portsmouth NH and, before that, New York City where he impressed audiences playing gigs in some of those areas' most reputable music venues. Since his move, Brin has earned new fans playing in honky tonks, breweries, restaurants and vineyards alike – all the while letting the rich musical history and heritage of Music City fuel his passion for country music even further.


Brin has his own PA system and can play private events, parties, as well as more traditional music venues. His music will always contain an eclectic mix of genres that have inspired him throughout his life, but there’s no question a strong country influence takes center stage. 

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